Essentials of Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal Medicine for the Primary Care Physician


Friday, November 4, 2016 – Saturday, November 5, 2016

Harvard Club
Boston, Massachusetts



Orthopaedics is a rapidly evolving and growing medical field, and this may present unique difficulties for the primary care physician. First, primary care physicians may experience difficulty obtaining information concerning advancements in orthopedics. Second, they may also experience difficulty applying this new knowledge to direct patient care: this includes but is not limited to lack of training in physical examinations to identify potential orthopedic conditions, lack of knowledge of appropriate diagnostic imaging, identification of fractures and of orthopedic emergencies.  Last, they may have difficulty understanding their role in the care of these patients, which can result in unnecessary referrals to orthopedic specialists.

This course will enable learners to improve their basic knowledge and skills in accessing and managing the orthopedic challenges most commonly seen by the primary caregiver. Through lectures, small group skills workshops, and panel discussions the course will review basic principles of orthopedic care including:


  • Anatomy and the orthopedic physical examination
  • Indications for and interpretation of diagnostic imaging
  • Common sports related injuries and fractures
  • The role of non-operative care including exercise, physical therapy, and injections
  • When to refer a patient to an orthopaedic specialist for care
  • Recognizing orthopedic emergencies

Learners will be taught strategies they can apply in their own practice environment. Small group skills workshops will prepare learners to provide focused orthopedic examinations and basic casting/splinting/bracing techniques in an office setting, taught by orthopaedic faculty. Participants will also engage in the educational process through Q&A and case-based discussions. 

Offered By

Course Director
John-Paul Hezel, MD

Tamara Rozental, MD

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